Sunday, March 14, 2010

Does YOUR Nana do this?!

I have to do some bragging here.

Sadie's Nana (Andrew's mom) has struck again and I just have to share her latest awesomeness. She sends stickers and cards in the mail like countless other long-distance grandmothers do, but our Nana takes it a few steps further. For example, here's a letter she sent to Sadie last May.

After having been here for a visit at the beginning of February - when she spent every waking hour playing with and reading to Sadie - except when she was cleaning our stove top and toaster oven (!?!?!) she went home and created this:

She's probably going to be embarrassed that I posted this, but it's too wonderful not to show off, in my opinion. I think she was inspired by one of the library books that Sadie wanted to read ad nauseum called "I Like it When" and she may want to credit a friend or two of hers who are uber creative and helped her start making these special projects, but whatever - the bottom line is that she took the time to do this for Sadie. It blows me away and I had to document it.

I know it's really hard on her being so far away from Andrew and Sadie, and I know that she thinks of these things as simple little tokens, but I think we all know that they are SO much more. I can't get into the scrap booking thing, and I've even slacked on Sadie's baby book, so to me - these are treasures. I have to come up with an airtight system to save/store/protect them so that they will last a lifetime.

Sadie is so blessed to have all 4 grandparents alive and full of love for her. They each bring something unique and wonderful into her life. And it certainly doesn't hurt that one of them just so happens to be a retired schoolteacher! Wouldn't you agree?


Mother Superior said...

WOW! i am uber-impressed with sadie's nana! so much love in those letters & book! you are lucky to have two sets of fabulous grandparents.

YF said...

Yeah, that is awesome... very. sweet!