Friday, August 1, 2008

You've come a long way, baby!

Today was really great.
It was fun to celebrate our little miss Sadie all day long. We sang happy birthday to her when she woke up this morning, which she seemed to really like.
She had a nice breakfast (oatmeal & bananas) and she stumbled all around the apartment, babbling and moving things here and there.
I gave her a bath and she took a long nap. So long, in fact, that we missed our photo appointment at Sears, which I only scheduled on a whim yesterday, so that was no big deal. Aunt Joanne will be here the next 2 weekends, so we'll get lots of great photos to mark her turning one.
I bought her 3 balloons at Safeway (she calls them "moow!") and we spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's. She hung out with Stitch and I did my best to help with some party-prep for tomorrow. Sadie took her first tumble (read: face-plant) off of the couch, but didn't even need mom (me) to get over it. Grandma did just fine; imagine that!
Later we had a party in San Jose to attend. It was an Olympic Send-Off party for our friend and amazing triathlete, Becky Lavelle. She made the Olympic team as an alternate after a really rough year and we are all so proud of her. It was nice to celebrate her achievement with dozens of her local fans.
Andrew searched for somewhere for us to have dinner, and since a local Ethiopian place came highly recommended on Yelp, we headed on over. Dinner was delicious and Sadie gobbled up all sorts of authentic, organic, delicious cuisine like collard greens, roasted and mashed chickpeas, potatoes, green beans, and onions all in savory sauces. At least one of them was pretty spicy, so I got a little nervous at one point that she might not keep eating, but she just asked for water and went on eating.

She especially loved the injera, which is the spongy pancake-like bread that you use in lieu of utensils. It tastes kind of like sourdough bread and it's apparently very high in iron. Bonus.
Here's a video of Sadie "ordering" her 1st birthday dinner.

We arrived home just minutes before the exact moment of her birth - 9:42 PM. I've been expecting to get all weepy but it hasn't happened yet.

This year has been so blessed and we have had the most fun with her.

Happy Birthday, Bean! We love you more than you know.

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KVT said...

I swear, just before she turns the menu over (about one minute in), she says "read the back." She's so cute!!! And getting so big!!!