Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These Little Feet

Sadie's been kind of obsessed with shoes lately. It's one of the words she knows both verbally and in sign language and she just likes to say it. She will bring me one of hers, one of mine, or even one of Andrew's, and proudly announce, "shooz!"
Tonight was the first time she took an interest in my flip-flops, which I thought was pretty amusing, seeing that I pretty much live in them.
I got to thinking about her feet. They are big (long) which seems to be an indication of her height, and they are prone to sweatiness, which she definitely got from me. My feet were a size 10 by some point during high school and grew almost a full size after my two year stint working at Nordstrom a few years ago. I don't like having such big feet, but I do like being taller than the average woman, so I don't complain. I wonder if Sadie will feel that way?
I wonder if she'll live in flip-flops the way I do? I wonder if she'll like having lots of fun, fashionable shoes or just a few essentials? Mostly, I wonder where she'll walk in her shoes. Where will these little feet wander in the world? There's no way to know. For now, I'll just dream of all the countless steps that lay before her.
Lucky little feet.

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YF said...

very cute little feet. i love them. can't wait to watch all our little ones grow up!