Sunday, September 23, 2007

a few Sadies...

So, it appears that our one-and-only Sadie is not the only Sadie around. (*gasp*) We were at Peet's yesterday morning while Andrew slept in, and there was a cute little family a few feet away: mom, dad and little girl. As engrossed as I was in the Newsweek article I was reading about Hillary Clinton, I thought I heard them calling their daughter Sadie. So of course I asked, and sure enough this 4 year old's name was Sadie. I explained my interest and they proceeded to assure me that "there are a few Sadies out there". Hmph. I'm not devastated, but one of my favorite things about her name is it's uniqueness. So far I'd only heard that Adam Sandler's daughter's name is Sadie - which was totally fine with me, because I love Adam Sandler! Oh well, at least my true favorite thing about her name is something that no one can take away from us: that Andrew thought of it all on his own. I love that fact, and so will Sadie when she's old enough to understand that her father named her. Plus, no matter what, she'll always be our one and only Sadie. And that's what counts.

p.s. this is a cool application on Flickr, isn't it?

letter s A D I E

S a d i e_McElman_070716_2499

S A_McElman_070716_2488 letter d I_McElman_070718_2970 Château de Chenonceau

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