Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The First Hurt

I was warned by a friend that this would happen, and yesterday it did. I hurt Sadie - accidentally, of course. A couple of my girlfriends have admitted to me that their "first hurt" was nipping their baby's fingertip while trying to cut their nails, but this was not the case for me. I was snapping Sadie into her bouncy seat and I caught some skin on the inside of her wrist in the plastic buckle. Immediate shrieks of pain and fear ensued. She cried so hard! It was a cry I'd never heard before and hopefully won't hear again anytime soon (although I suppose if/when we take her for vaccination shots, this may very well become a familiar sound). I reported the incident to my friend Meghan and her question was, 'How long did you cry?' - to which surprisingly the answer was that I didn't. I suspect if the injury had been even slightly more severe, I would have been crying right along with her. Poor baby. Anyway, I held her close until she calmed down a little, and I took care of the small wound with a drop of hydrogen peroxide and some Neosporin, but it ultimately I think it affected her whole day. She was a lot more clingy and nursed constantly. She seems better today; I hope I haven't broken her faith in the world already!

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