Tuesday, September 13, 2011

if only it were that simple...or is it?

"Mom, may I be excused?"

Not until you finish your peas, sweetheart.

"But mom, I don't like them."

Well, I'm sorry honey. I thought you might like that kind with the mint butter. I won't buy that kind again. We'll just get the regular kind that you like next time.

"So do I have to eat them?"

Yes honey. They are good for you and it's part of your dinner. You know, there are lots of kids that don't get a healthy meal every night like you do. Some people are actually hungry every day because they don't have money to buy food.


"Mom, if there are people who are hungry, shouldn't we just give them some of our food?"


Yes, babe. Yes. That's exactly what we should do.

(I approach her to give her a hug and a kiss and tell her what a love she is and how proud I am of her for understanding how important it is to care about other people. And try not to cry.)

I think "Serve at Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter" just got bumped up to #1 on my list of Things To Do With My Family Especially While The Girls Are Young To Give Them Some Perspective About Life.

Big sigh.

Side note:
Before dinner, I found her engrossed on the couch with a Fisher Price catalog (note to self - must intercept mail in months preceding Christmas) because it was "in-stresting." After perusing the entire thing, she asked if she could please get "the Jesus thing." I had to have her flip through to find the item she was referring to and it was the Little People Nativity Scene. Oh boy.

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Anonymous said...

Smart cookie you've got there. (Which doesn't surprise me in the least.)

We have a Noah's Ark Fisher Price set that someone passed on to us - O is kind of obsessed with Noah. He takes him everywhere, and demands him by name. Sadly, no one in this house really knows that story of Noah, so around here he just drives the Fisher Price tractor that came with another set.