Saturday, February 21, 2009

show me your "surprised" face

Hee hee.

Sadie is a bit obsessed with her Goodnight Gorilla book which was given to her by Andrew's cousin Heidi & family in Massachusetts for Christmas. It's a cute story with almost no words in which a zookeeper locks cages and says goodnight to a slew of animals, starting with the gorilla. Unbeknownst to him, the gorilla takes his keys and systematically lets each animal out of it's cage after the zookeeper says goodnight to them. They all follow him back to his house, and into his bedroom where his wife is soundly asleep. She turns off the light, says "Goodnight, dear" and each animal replies "Goodnight!" The next 2 pages are pure black except for the wife's eyes - wide open.

The actress in me loves reading to Sadie and our story time is usually replete with voices and facial expressions whenever possible. So, the part of the zookeeper's surprised wife is a fun one, and Sadie likes to imitate me. Here she is doing her surprised face:


bLacKfoOt said...

Too cute. Seriously. It's too much. Too much cuteness.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the note and thanks to you I found Jennys Light.........amazing site.

bsittler said...

very cute! iris loved that book from like 1yo to about 2yo when it finally got packed away.