Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas card photo rejects

I attempted a photo shoot with Sadie after her nap yesteray. These are just a few of the dozens of shots that won't make the cut for the Christmas card this year...

ooh, new shoes!
Hey, I can't get to my belly button in this outfit.

I'm not sitting around for this!


Are we done yet?!
Give it up, mom.

(I did.)
We'll try again very soon. Dad promised he'd do a family shoot, so stay tuned.


Kristen Lo said...

I love these!! What a great idea. Every day I take pictures that are blurry, or ones where Anders looks really upset-- probably because I'm taking a picture and not paying attention to him! So fun.

Bettina Fernandez said...

O.M.G! That's the cutest! You know you SHOULD send it out like this, that would be super cute!!
I have yet to tackle the Christmas cards, we'll be late, again. Wish me luck!

Nay-Nay said...

OMG, too cute. She's getting so big! I'll be out to visit late January, and I'm planning a dinner party/RTE night while I'm there. Would be great to see you!!


Nay-Nay said...
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Melissa said...

omg, janine, she is too cute. i love these photos!