Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Past and Present

First of all, a belated Happy 90th Birthday to my Grandmother, Harriette. You are such a positive spirit and a treasure to all who know you. It was our honor to celebrate with you.

Secondly, happy 40th anniversary to my parents. My siblings and I pulled off an excellent surprise party complete with out-of-town guests, similar floral arrangements, pictures, etc.

Four of their wedding party members were in attendance; two of whom flew in from out of town. (the women, of course!) So Margaret Ann and Suzy - thank you! Your being there made it so very special. I was particularly pleased to see the pictures of spin-the-bottle from 5th grade. Priceless.

I did some research about 1968 in order to have some talking points during the party, as well as to throw in a little bit of trivia during my toast. When I pulled up a list of events from 1968, I was appalled - partially at my ignorance of some of it but mostly by the sheer number of awful things that were going on that year. I got most of my information from one of my favorite websites, Wikipedia. I came away from it with two main focuses. First, I'm so glad that something happy did happen in 1968: my parents got engaged and married. Secondly, the current Gay Rights/Marriage Equality issue is the Civil Rights movement of our generation, and I need to get involved. But I'll save that for another post.

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