Wednesday, June 4, 2008

if she's not wearing PINK...

Today Sadie and I were on a quest for a picture frame. I had some professional shots taken of her a couple of months ago at one of those places at the mall, because we had a gift certificate from Christmas (thanks Uncle John & Aunt Shannon). I still don't have any pictures of her in frames, and nothing decorating the walls of her room, if you can believe it - but that's a whole other topic. I have a coupon for a local framing place which expires in a few days, so I'm on the hunt. We went to 3 different places and somehow still didn't find the right thing (trying to put 5 photos in one frame with custom matting, if you care)
Anyway, as we strolled through one place, a lady passing by exclaimed "What a handsome little guy!" Sadie was wearing a bright red sweatsuit embroidered with colorful flowers (thanks Marie) and she looked very girly to me. I thought it was worth mentioning because it actually happens a lot when we're out, unless, of course, she's in something pink.
Don't get me wrong - It actually doesn't bother me in the least that complete strangers don't know whether she's a boy or girl. A smiling lady exclaiming "What a handsome little guy" sounds a hell of a lot better to me than "...and when are you due with your next one?"
On second thought, maybe THAT would be the clincher to get me away from the computer and into the gym.

p.s. Sadie doesn't care if people think she's a boy, either!

Or does she?

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Kristen said...

Hey- those pictures are so cute! is supposed to be good if you need something specific in the framing/matting department...