Monday, June 9, 2008

first words

Color me proud.
Sadie is taking leaps and bounds forward into the world of communication. We've been doing sign language with her for months now and she first started signing at about 7 months. She would sign "milk" while nursing. It was another full month before she used it in context to tell me she wanted milk, but it was exciting nonetheless. She now signs water, eat, bird, dog, light, hi/bye-bye, and she's close to using signs for when she needs her diaper changed. Lots of signing parents use the sign for "toilet" instead of the signs for "diaper" and "change" so I need to pick one and use it consistently. She seems to understand many more words when I sign to her, and she often looks at me to tell her what something is, so I need to study my books and learn some more.
Her verbal communication is also exploding. She's got "mama" and "dada". Ball is "bah". Duck is "duh". Last night, moon was "moow". She says "baby" perfectly, and loves babies! She also claps whenever we say "yay!"

She is an incredible mimic, so I think we can expect new words every few days pretty soon, which just blows us away.
I can't believe that before we know it, we'll be able to have a conversation with her. It seriously gives me chills.


YF said...

awe. so amazing. i love love love that age! we did sign w/ fi too - she was VERY big into the nurse sign - but never got to all that! how fun. btw, that pic of tom and i is on one of the first nights away w/out Fi. (that should explain the joy).

Kristen said...

Wow! I can't believe she's talking- you have a little genius on your hands! Well, I was pretty amazed when you were over here with Sadie and she understood you when you told her not to touch the light socket. Yay, Sadie!