Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pure Joy

Honestly, this kid radiates joy.

She does this funny audible inhale when she's excited, which is often. Her arms and legs go at a different speed than the rest of her body. She clasps her hands together and pumps them up and down, making a sound on the down-beat. She "sings" along to music in the car.

She doesn't laugh much, so we all get excited when she does, but she grins and shrieks with joy all of the time.
She loves dogs. She loves being in the swing at the park.

She loves to watch her sister. And I swear she wakes up early just to get quality time lying in bed with Mom and Dad, where she squeals, kicks, slaps our faces and grabs our hair and skin. Starting the day feeling the love from a being who simply cannot get enough of us is pretty hard to beat.

She does this hilarious high-pitched "singing" where she goes above her vocal register to just a whisper that we call Mariah-ing. Here's an example:

She certainly can make a noisy protest as well, but she mostly keeps us smiling and reminds us that life is really exciting and fun. Keep up the good work, kiddo. We love you soooooooooo much.


KVT said...

Just watched that video! Love it! In singing it's called a "whistle tone." Encourage her to keep doing it! It's a great skill!

blackfoot said...

i mean...really?