Sunday, September 27, 2009

Simple stuff

My parents took Sadie for the night last night so that Andrew and I could attend a high school friend of mine's wedding. (I'm sure that sentence is a grammatical nightmare, but I'm moving on.)
It was awesome to get dressed up, go out with my honey,

see old friends,

share the special joy that is in the air at a wedding, and dance until my knees and toes were throbbing.

Even though Sadie is totally content with Grandma & Grandpa, I still always feel the tiniest bit guilty when we go out and have fun without her. She's usually the source of my daily smiles and laughter, but it's good to reconnect with Andrew and have adult conversations for several hours!

We picked her up this morning and she was an absolute ray of sunshine. She had greetings, hugs and kisses for both me and Andrew (she needed a little prompting to give Daddy some love - she's in a bit of a mama's girl phase) and showered us with tons of happy-to-see-you energy.

My dad was watching football and told us that Sadie watched with him for a little bit and then turned to him with a confused look and said, "What are those purple guys doing? They just run and then they fall down!"

I wonder what she'll think when we start her in soccer?


Nicole said...

You guys look so great! And it's so nice to see you with Tilla and Megan! Thank you so much for your sweet comment...I always appreciate your support!

Melissa said...

How fun. You look awesome and I love the football story. xo

YF said...

that is one adorable football story! great that you guys got to go out... cool dress on you too!