Thursday, April 10, 2008

you can't make this stuff up...

Today, I took Sadie to an "open swim" at the aquatic center we've been going to sporadically for a couple of months. She loves the water, and I even brought her most recent favorite toy - a rubber ducky. We splashed and played on the shallow steps and I floated her out in the the deeper area a bit. There were a couple of ladies on a bench about 15 feet away the entire time, presumably watching their kids in the water.

A little while later in the locker room, one of them approached me to say how cute Sadie is, which I thought was really nice. It was a pretty quick exchange, but it was too good not to post a blog entry about. (I've been needing something to get me back here after a *gulp* 4 month hiatus!) Props to Crystal and K-Lo who I had lunch with today and also prompted me to get back to the blog...

Anyway, back to the weird locker room convo:

Lady: "Your baby is so cute!"

Me: "Oh, thanks; that's really sweet...Say 'hi', Sadie! Say 'hi!'"

Lady: "She's really really must hear that a lot."

Me: "Well, yeah - I guess we've heard it before...thanks so much..."

Lady: "Probably at least twice a day!"

Me: "oh, I don't know about that..."

Lady: (leaning in closer) "She's really beautiful. (pause) She must take after
your husband."

* awkward silence *

Me: ", well...yes, actually she, uh...she's got her daddy's eyes, and lips..."

Lady: (almost inaudibly) "I was teasing..."

? ? ? ?

Seriously. Ya gotta love it when a complete stranger decides to tease you about your looks.

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YF said...

that is so funny! OMG. You handled it well!